About Sab Will

Sab is your archetypal self-taught enthusiast.

Driven by a burning desire to become a professional, Sab spent several years in the UK developing his skills in wedding photography, portraiture (adults and children), social reportage, nature and still life, before finally answering the creative call of Paris.

Since then he has been writing, painting and photographing the capital he says has 'set him free' and he likes nothing more than to share his love of the city with others.

Sab has run regular photo critiques at legendary Shakespeare & Company bookshop on the famous Left Bank of the river Seine and is a familiar figure on the Paris creative scene. An artist, poet and teacher as well as photographer, Sab lives the bohemian Parisian life to the full and has truly adopted this city as his own, or, as he says, 'Paris has adopted me'.

In Sab's own words:

"For me, Paris is, without a doubt, the creative centre of the universe. I only have to open the door and walk out onto the city streets and images and words start to flood into my head. Sometimes it's difficult to decide what NOT to photograph, the choice and variety is so great.

"Paris incorporates all sides of life, from the glamorous to the tragic; from the monumental to the humble, from the historic to the modern, from the permanent to the fleeting. And there is always something new happening. You can never be bored in this city of shadows and light if you keep your eyes and heart open and learn to really 'see' what is right there in front of your eyes. Paris is the ultimate photographer's heaven."

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