Toyota Supra

Give me a Toyota Supra &
I'll drive your cares away.
Give me an 80 grand mortgage &
I'll know I'm here to stay.
Give me some shares in British Gas, 'coz
I'm burning money today.
And I think I'm happy.

I love to ride on the tube each day,
So many happy faces.
I love to wear my pinstripe suit
And compare attaché cases.
I love to eye-up the fax girl's legs
Whilst checking decimal places,
And I'm pretty sure I'm happy.

My favourite time is after work,
We have a real laugh down the pub.
My favourite time is a business lunch,
Guzzling expense account grub.
My favourite time is watching telly,
Then a night-cap in the tub.
I always go to bed happy!

I had the strangest dream last night,
I was on a ship lost at sea.
I saw a girl with tears in her eyes
Holding out her hands to me.
I tell you it shook me up a bit
But I don't know how that can be,
'Coz I know I'm happy.




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