Love Is...
(The Mimosa Remix)

Love is talking for hours until sleep steals us away.
Love is toast and coffee, & cheese and marmalade.
Love is John & Paul & Carlos, & Tracy & Joni & Kate,
Love is...

Love is Pooh & Piglet, as real as the book in my hands.
Love is learning together about anything we fancy.
Love is a balmy afternoon taking pictures in the grass,
Love is...

Love is when you "well ok then, just five minutes more".
Love is tears of wonder and a gaze no words could match.
Love is writing poems as I've never done before,
Love is...

Love is the question "Mr Will? Sign here and make love with me"
Love is coming in your mouth, as you suck me dry.
Love is your arms above your head, legs wide open for me,
Love is...

Love is giggling helplessly for no apparent reason.
Love is a look and a fleeting smile of unspoken understanding.
Love is sharing problems without judgement but with feeling,
Love is...

Love is sending lots of letters 'coz I'm thinking of you.
Love is a gentle kiss on waking, hair all over the pillow.
Love is your legs around my waist, my burning deep inside you,
Love is...

Love is chilly toes entwined on wispy wintry mornings.
Love is oil upon your breasts, designed to reduce friction.
Love is fading batteries in a battered sandy Walkman,
Love is...

Love is going places on exciting, intrepid adventures.
Love is making sure as many bits are touching as possible.
Love can never be described in a single stilted sentence,
Love is...




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