Twenty Four Hours

Twenty four hours
Is it enough to fall
In love for one, for all
For once, for ever?

Here's the thing

Life on a wrist-strap
Watch it swing

Ding ding

That's all we've got
Twenty four hours

What did you do, buddy?
Do today

As you would have done
Unto others

Undone lives
Are trekking, tick tock
Down the hours

Twenty four hours
In a wing-beat
Wonder what
The geek wrote

Here's the thing

Forty years and counting
Can you feel
The heart-beat mounting

Will we ever get it right?
Will He?
Is it enough to know what's right?

Twenty four hours
Every day
We wash our wings away
In a bath of boredom
Scrub the dream slate
Cleansing, soothing weight


Need some
Angel Dust

But here's the thing

If you don't grab it
Seize the opportunity
She's running like a rabbit
Leave you, laughing
Singing praises
Sinking in your habit

Show you care
Dare to dare

Tell her
Damn it!

Here's the thing

D'you love her
Or don't you?

Don't you?




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