She Overwhelms Me

You overwhelm me.
Why should you love me
Just because I showed you a flicker of interest
Just because I selfishly kissed you
On that bench
All alone
In the dark

You tear me apart
When you ask about Angie
As though you could love her like I do
But you really want to
And that cuts me up

You leave me breathless
With the intensity of your love
Or is it desperation
Trying to find
Someone who won't hurt you
Or make you cry again
And again

I don't deserve you
I don't know why I say that
What's wrong with me
Maybe I know only too well
You deserve better than me
But if you can see what I can't
Then maybe that's what we should follow
And shoot for the stars once again

I don't really see what I'm saying
I'm scratching and scraping for words
I'm longing to love you
And looking to leave you
But that's not really me
That's absurd

I'm echoing ghosts from the past
Who just couldn't see what good was
And ruined the best
For the sake of the rest
And who blame me right now just because
I was stupid and selfish and lonely
But just couldn't see it at all
And screwed up the present quite royally
I can't see the point of it all

Well enough of this cute rhyming bullshit
What happened to rawness and blood
What happened to saying just what you think
Without worrying about scanning
And making sure it sounds right
And will they like it
And will they even read it
And who gives a fuck anyway

She overwhelms me
That's what she does
I don't know where she came from
I don't know why she likes me
I don't believe the things she says to me
There's no way someone could think that about me
I know people can hate me
But love like that
No sir, not today
You've got the wrong address
Try next door
And yet the letters keep coming
As though she knew what she was doing

Very very strange



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