You haven't seen Greece
Until you've visited the islands
Everyone told me

So I flew in to Athens
And saw the Acropolis
With its ancient columns
Of proud stone soldiers
And Plaka, made for tourists
With bustling beauties
And T-shirts for all
But it wasn't an island

Then I visited Lamia
Where a dear friend lives
In a little village
On the mainland
With a beautiful family
That sings and plays
And where the love runs
Stronger than Ouzo

And, for my sins
I rushed to Agrinio
A medium sized town
Where I had a friend
Surrounded by mountains
Difficult to penetrate
But once I arrived
I found something so strong
That I would have lingered
A lifetime...

But it was not to be, alas
For my plane was calling
As my heart was breaking
And I never visited the islands




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