Cosmic Cancer

The Sun, the Moon,
The Stars are three,
And somewhere, in between,
Is me.

Iím small, Iím weak,
True that may be;
But still Iím trying,
Just to seeÖ

The Moon is brighter
Than the Sun
When night-time falls,
And we are one.

She holds me tight,
Like every day,
Even when I shout:
Go Away!

The Sun is rarer;
Cloudy skies
Are always causing
Quick goodbyes,

But when he comes,
Iím like a bird;
He shines for me,
Though rays are blurred.

A star appears
From time to time,
A twinkling heart,
Halo sublimeÖ

Echoes the Sun,
Opposes Moon;
She sings a song,
I know the tune.

Iím small, Iím weak,
That may be true,
But still Iím hoping
To see through

The Sun, the Moon,
The Stars, all three,
To somewhere in between;
To me.



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