A Cat Adopted Me Today


A cat adopted me today
And for ten minutes
I felt alive
A stranger jumped
Into a stranger's lap
As though she knew
I loved her
She tucked one bent paw
Against my arm
And licked and licked and licked
I haven't got anything for you
I told her
Except strokes and cuddles and smiles
But still she licked
My arm quite raw
As I wrote
And she seemed content
To inspire me to remember
This moment with her
So I put down my pen
And scratched her soft chin
As she sandpapered my body
With her tongue
Which was driving me crazy
And I begged her to stop
While pleading with her
To go on
But as all things must die
She left me to record
Our meeting so rare
And so brief
So I try
With limp pen
To believe that I lived
For an instant with something
More special and lasting
Than death




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