Purple Sunglasses

Misty curtain.

Special purple sunglasses
Sent over from the States
Pulling my shoe laces
This is all it takes…

Saying ‘see-you-soon’
On the telephone
Waiting for the next time
Sitting here alone

Splodgy-wodgy pictures
Decorate the wall
Flown in from the UK
Kind of say it all

Found a lonely little shoe
Other one’s long gone
Looks cute on my table
Sitting there alone

Misty windowFound a black hair too
It’s not mine or hers
Comes from long ago, I think
Pain and passion blurs

Hide behind the curtains
Just can’t see you now
Just your socks and shoes
And certain things I am allowed

Likes showing me her room, so proud
Take hand, light on, shut door
She’s got me now I can’t escape
That’s what we came here for…

Saw a ‘dragon’ yesterday
Eyes bright big balloon
First ride on a pony
I was in my room

Misty booJust music lights one corner now
Otherwise it’s gloom
Where laughter and first words once floated
Not allowed to bloom

Saw a ghost the other day
You’re a brave young thing
To not be scared of ghosts or dragons
Real or imagined

Salt upon my fingers
Misty midnight mood
For memories half missing
A jigsaw lies, half chewed

Misty tiredAnd ‘Who’s that in the mirror?’
And do you recognise
The shadow just behind you
With empty in his eyes?

Hide behind the curtains
Miss you till it aches
Kisses on the telephone
This is all it takes…

To know I love her




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