Caribbean Crazy

There he is, I see him... flitting,
'Tween the trees
Go man, go, mango!

There she is, I feel her... sitting,
B'low the branch
So tanned, so tango!

Chase the chick, he's mine, he's wilting,
Raise the stick, she's swine, she's switching.

Lay the blame, he's tired, he's tilting,
Slay the dame, she's twine, she's twitching.

Play the game, she's mine, she's itching,
Pray for fame, I'm fine, I'm bitching.

Stare he stares, he's kneeling... wonder,
'Neath the sky
No hope, no hobo.

Care she cares, she's wheeling... thunder,
Love ya? yes
You dope, you dodo.




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