Me mammy gave me to the world
I'm really glad she did
I'd be a lot more boreder
If she'd gone an' kept me hid

She brought me up as best she could
It weren't an easy job
I'd run around and disappear
And frankly be a yob

We had our usual tiffs and fights
As teenagers will do
But in the end I made it here
Writing this thing to you

I haven't always been that nice
I've maybe been a pain
But I'm just learning all the time
How not to go insane

I hope that in the years to come
We'll become close and hug
You've given me your best of times
And I don't want to shrug

My shoulders in indifference
And say that's how it goes
I want to learn to love again
It's hard enough, God knows

So forgive me for being a brat
For shunning your embrace
The one true thing that doesn't change
No matter what we face

I love you mum for all you've done
And all you couldn't do
You should be proud of your good life
Like I am proud of you




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