How Many Women

How many women does it take to fill a soul
How many locks of golden hair gently brushing his chest
As she reaches over to check the time
With a sleepy moan
Before the wanderer decides it's time to come home

How far will he have to travel
Before he realises that most of the mail
That's been piling up, in his absence
Has now been returned to sender,
Distress unknown
A little number
He'll never phone

How long does it take to live a life
Full of beginnings
Nothing but beginnings
Entrées, overtures, false starts
Where the main course sits, cold and ignored
And the dessert hasn't even been made

How soon the midway point has come
Too late to go back
Too hard to go on
So many ex-lovers / new friends not to be
You made your choices, they made theirs
The adventurer leads a lonely life
When he always must do it alone
Navigating by the stars, that's fine
But why reject so many enticing lights
In the name of reaching for the unknown
When it probably doesn't exist

How much time will you spend
On the end of a line
Jerking and struggling
To stay awake
With the hook so deeply buried
That to remove it would cause more pain
Than to let it be
And yet, and yet, and again...




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