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"Chin Up!" (don't always look straight ahead)

It's amazing how many interesting things are found just... above our heads, especially in historic city centres with narrow winding streets. It's also amazing how often people, including those holding cameras, wander around looking precisely... straight ahead.

Now some may call me weird... thank you... but I actually wander around Paris on many a Sunday afternoon with my nose stuck up in the air looking for whatever strange gems might be hiding up there. And a city like Paris, or any place with an older district is marvellous for curios like this picture.

This sign is obviously not more than a century or so old, as it has the Eiffel Tower in it, the perpetual symbol of the city being once again put to good commercial effect. But that's actually great for us, because we want our photos to speak to us, to tell us something about where they were taken and all the emotions and impressions that might stir up.

The cat is also closely associated with the city as there was a famous cabaret and poster for the 'Tournée du Chat Noir' so it's another echo of times gone by.

There's also a nice repetition of motif with the second metal cat stealthily creeping along the top of the sign, beautifully silhouetted against the sky, and any repetition of theme only makes the image stronger.

Photo Ideas

Next time you are out with your camera make a point of looking up. You'll be surprised at how many interesting things there are up there, on the sides of buildings, strange lampposts, old ladies shaking out carpets, somebody's underwear drying, a pigeon perched on a ledge or a wonderful arrangement of higgledy-piggledy chimneys...

Then comment on this lesson with a link to your best result - I can't wait to see them!


  • remember to look up as you walk around the streets
  • look for repetitions to make your photos stronger
  • include city symbols to allow the viewer to share your feelings

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