Hello Paris Fan & New Friend!

I'd like to offer you a Big Welcome to Sab's Secret Paris: 400 Quirks, where I share a vast range of weird and wonderful Paris curiosities with you if you're willing.

You'll discover hundreds of amazing and little-known city secrets, like...

   1) When is a door not a door?
   2) Who exactly is the 'woman without a head'?
   3) Where is the man who can walk through walls?
   4) What is the Louvre's most astonishing carving?
   5) Is this the 'work' of a true Napoleon hater, or just an idiot?
   6) What's does the mysterious medieval carving 'FDT' signify?
   7) Just what are all those sinister tunnels surrounding Paris?
   8) What's the surprising secret of the ugly new fountains?
   9) Just how low can you go in this city?
   10) Ever seen a ghost station? I'll show you one.

...and many many more.

Paris is the legendary 'City of Light', it's true, but it's a city of shadows and mystery too.

My aim is to show you a side of this great metropolis you would never normally see if you didn't have someone to point it out to you. Read on to find out how!

A Unique View of a Unique City

Paris is one of the world's most fascinating cities. I know - I've lived here for 20 years, photographed it, written about it, immersed myself in its streets and history and culture, made my own small contribution to its art, and I still discover new things every day!

As an obsessive Paris quirk seeker and curiosity hunter, I've spent countless days, weeks and months walking the streets of the city, by day and by night, through the common quarters and well off the beaten track, looking for the secret side that you wouldn't normally experience.

I found it. And I'd like to offer you 400 of those discoveries now, at the rate of one intriguing Paris Quirk every three days.

That's over three years' worth of richly illustrated curiosities, fun factoids and a good dose of humour in your mailbox, week in, week out.

Why don't I just give you all 400 in one go, you might be asking? The answer is very simple. I want you to look forward to every single one of my Paris Quirks, and to read them all!

"My Paris Quirks are like my babies, and I care
deeply about each and every one of them!"

What usually happens when you receive a lot of information in one go? You put it to one side to be 'dealt with later'. And often 'later' never comes.

I don't want that to happen to my Paris Quirks, which are like my babies, written in my own original words and illustrated with my personal Paris street photos, so it means a lot to me as you can see!

So why then one quirk every three days? Why not daily? Or once a week?

In my experience of signing up for information I really want to receive, I've noticed that once a week leaves me feeling frustrated, and once a day is simply too much. Every three days seems to be the ideal frequency and also means that you will have over three years of fantastic Paris Quirks and Curios which I can't wait to start sending you. But hang on, there's more!

Absolutely no risk: Try Before You Buy!

20 Years of Research ~ 400 Incredible Secrets

Or 20 curiosities from each of Paris' 20 arrondissements, along with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Of course, I love anything to do with the hidden Paris, but I wouldn't ask you to buy Sab's Secret Paris: 400 Quirks if I wasn't 100% sure you will love it too.

And how can you be sure you will love it? Because you can try before you buy!

That's right. I'm offering you 20 of my absolutely favourite Paris Quirks for free so you can decide for yourself if you want 400 more! So you get 20 quirks for free now to test the system, and then a full 400 more when you hopefully buy Sab's Secret Paris: 400 Quirks later on!

There's no obligation to buy anything of course, and you can simply enjoy my 20 Paris Quirks where you'll discover 20 extraordinary and little-known curiosities of the world's quirkiest capital. You're more than welcome to do just that! Click on the box above to start getting your 20 Free Paris Quirks today.

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Sab's Secret Paris: 400 Quirks

So, many thanks for reading, and I hope you've signed up for your 20 Free Paris Quirks which you can do below, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

You will soon be well on your way to knowing more about Paris than 99.99% of the population, and probably all of your friends - see you in the streets!